Welcome to Buy It Black Owned

Your one-stop shop for Black-owned products and services in the United Kingdom

WELCOME TO Buy It Black Owned, a comprehensive hub of Black-owned products and services in the United Kingdom.

From tradesmen to help you with that home project to bars and restaurants, bookstores, fashion brands, legal advice and skincare and beauty services, this website aims to help you locate just what you’re after.

The idea for Buy It Black Owned was borne out of a conversation between friends Ruth Gyles-Brown and Dionne Grant during a discussion about helping to facilitate spending power within the black community by highlighting black-owned businesses and subsequently helping to boost the black economy.

Ruth said: “The resurgence of the Black Lives Matter movement online and around the world was at the core of many of our daily conversations. During one of these, Dionne and I spoke about reclaiming power within the Black community and through that, Buy It Black Owned was born.”

The launch of the business coincided seamlessly with the inaugural Black Pound Day in the United Kingdom, a solution-based approach to support the growth of the UK Black economy, a fact Dionne said “cemented their decision to move forward with Buy It Black Owned”.

“The timing was perfect,” Dionne said. “It was great to see that so many of us were on the same page when it came to ensuring the pound circulated within the black community. To us, it felt like a powerful and positive way to reclaim our strength and business prowess.”

One thing the pair want users of their website to remember is that Buy It Black Owned is “more than just a search engine, it’s a lifestyle”.

“In addition to our thorough search engine, we provide the story behind black-owned businesses by giving you a deeper understanding of the companies you are buying from through a mixture of filmed interviews and longer reads,” Dionne said.

Ruth added: “With Buy It Black Owned our aim is to help build the black economy and inspire the next generation of black business owners one post at a time”